Hayden Lyle

Hayden Lyle


Hayden Lyle

It is a pleasure for me to introduce to you to our youngest and most prompt member of the Fatbol community. He is very prolific in the Live Art world of Reno and Tahoe. Much respect to Hayden Lyle, check his work! This kid is young, talented and gunning for your title. Enjoy!

Interview by Forest Stearns.

Fatbol: First off, tell me What to call you, Who you are, WHERE you’re from, and WHAT you do.

HL: My Name is Hayden Lyle, Born and raised in Reno, NV. I am a full time student studying Graphic Communications and have been painting for about 6 years.

Fatbol: Where can the world go to see more of your work digitally and gallery?

HL: http://hlart.tumblr.com/

Fatbol: What is specific and unique that you plan to develop for the Fatbol project?

HL: Honestly I just plan on expirementing with many different ideas and styles that show who I am as an artist.

Fatbol: What is your favorite style and application for your own work?

HL: My favorite styles are the street art style, my foundation for my own art, and I guess typographic design, I have a love for typography.

Fatbol: Explain your own style and science of art.

HL: My style is taking portraits of famous artists, musicians, and celebrities then breaking these portraits down into simple shapes. I focus mainly on Musicians because I believe music and art go hand in hand.

Fatbol: What are three words that best describe your artwork?

HL: smooth, unique,organic.

Fatbol: What inspires you?

HL: Everything around me, I keep my senses open and constantly feed off of the inspiration of everything I come in contact with.

Fatbol: What is your earliest “artistic” memory?

HL: Drawing themed drawings with my mom when I was little. My mom would give me a theme whether it was a holiday, movie, etc. and we would collaborate together to create a full scene on paper.

Fatbol: What is your goal in life?

HL: To be able to create my art as my profession, money isn’t my main concern, I would just like to be able to support myself comfortably doing something I love.

Fatbol: Name something you love, and why.

HL: Music, It fuels everything in my life, the main reason I started live paintings was to be able to meet and converse with some of my favorite musicians while on stage.

Fatbol: What makes you angry?

HL: Many things, above all the people that disrespect and hate on others for what they are doing, because what they are doing is different or special.

Fatbol: What was your favorite toy as a kid?

HL: action figures like spawn, hook, batman, etc.

Fatbol: What is your favorite toy now?

HL: My iMac.

Fatbol: What is your “dream” art project?

HL: Collaborating in a show with my favorite artist such as Pose, Rime, Revok, Os Gemeos, Mad C, Herakut (Hera & Akut), the list is way too long.

Fatbol: What have you been listening too while you’ve been working on your art[recently]?

HL: Gang Starr, Notorious B.I.G., The Pharcyde, Big L, Common Sense, Pharaoh Monche, Old school Hip Hop in general.

Fatbol: If you were a cocktail on a drink menu at a bar, what would your name be?

HL: No Idea, Im not even 21 haha.

Fatbol: If you could go back in time and talk to “8 year old YOU”, what would you say to her/him?

HL: “Have fun, enjoy whats to come.”

Fatbol: If you could collaborate with any other artist [living or dead], who would it be and why?

HL: Pose, Rime, Revok, Os Gemeos, Mad C, Herakut

Fatbol: What is the best bit of advice that you have ever been given.

HL: Keep pushing, if you push hard enough your bound to go somewhere.

Fatbol: If you had a chance to say one sentence for the whole world to hear, what would you say?

HL: “The revolution will not be televised, the revolution is here.” - Common Sense

(give it up to ELROD, for this idea!)