Nac One

Nac One grew up in the Bay Area in the 80’s at the forefront of an evolving Culture that was emerging, known as Hip Hop. His Father the Legendary Saxophone Jazz man Vince Wallace exposed him to a variety of different music and cultures as a child. As the life of a musician is often difficult, inflicted with late nights at clubs and the usual drug use etc., His father and mother split up. Dealing with the hardships of poverty in a single parent home, Hip Hop became a savior and mainstay for Nac One. Running the streets with his newfound family FSC Crew, where he helped to pioneer Bay Area Graffitti. A love for emceeing began to blossom on nights waiting up for it to be late enough to go out writing. Nac recalls-  “The crew would kick rhymes in a cypher freestyling and rocking whether it was at the crib, in the park, on the corner, we also ripped it at local open mic’s  or party jams, then after some years we gained the title FREE STYLE CHAMPIONS, and began making songs and mixtapes from 4 track recordings, this was back in the 90-92 era.”
A true veteran with over 20 years experience as an avid participant from B-boy to Graff Writer to Emcee and Producer. Nac One has been performing and recording since the early 90's with a huge body of work to follow up. Starting in 1991 with Universal Joint and Misfitz ov Stylez and through the 90's and beyond with famed graffiti crew FSC putting out classic mix tapes and the FSC Oneness Lp 2001, then on to solo work with Fanatik aka On Beats to release the Nac One- "Natural Reaction" album on the Bomb hip hop label 2004. Since then Nac One has toured and shared the Stage with some of the biggest names in the Underground and above. Also appearing on releases such as Agartha Audio's "The Hollow Earth" and recording an abundance of projects: Nac One- "The Destroyer"," Nac One's Underground Classics", Many Fantastik Fam albums soon to be released with my Son and Daughter and other extended Fam and close friends, (the first family group in Hip Hop). In 2013 Nac One launched his independent record label Fantastik Fam Music and the first release was the album Nac One- "Hold the Torch".
Nac One has been involved in the Humboldt Hip Hop scene now for the last 10 years, what started as small mini tours around California ended up being him and his family settling down in this outpost community of rebels and like-minded people behind the redwood curtain.
 Since moving here in 2005 Nac One has involved himself and his kids in the arts and culture of the area participating in many events locally as a supporting act or even headliner. Nac One is now actively hosting the Fatbol Cypher monthly, encouraging all emcee’s, new and seasoned, to build their skills on the mic and rock for the community. Look out for Nac One’s latest project releasing in 2015 “ The Writer” another level on the constant progression of an artist, and it’s really a dope album!