Brick and Mortar

If you're passing through Humboldt County be sure to stop in at our flagship Brick and Mortar location.

Located @ 1618 G St., Arcata, CA 95521

We have a wide range of Humboldt County culture needs and wants. Including but not limited to:


Custom Printing and Embroidery

We have been serving the community with custom printing and embroidery solutions for over 5 years.  As a clothing company we understand what it takes to turn your concept into a finished piece of wearable art.  Contact us to get a quote on your next job:


Disc Golf Supplies

We are currently the largest supplier of disc golf equipment and accessories in Humboldt County.  If you're planning a trip to any of our many courses in the area, stop in and freshen up your game. 


Art Supplies / Markers / Spray Paint

We carry a wide range of high quality spraypaint, caps, mops, markers, streaks, Ink, sketchbooks, and more. Come see us for all your graf supply needs.


Local Music and Art

As a Humboldt County culture store, what would be if we didn't offer a selection of Humboldt's Music and Art? Let us help point you in the right direct no matter what your tastes are.  Variety is the spice of life right?