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A DJ is a complex being. His or her job is very important, perhaps more than we realize.  The DJ is the silent catalyst we look to when we know something big is about to happen. Although not usually in the foreground of the stage, he or she is undeniably the glue and the life force of the show.  They can maintain a constant energy during and between acts, serving as a sort of beacon of light to the concert-goer.  They can serve as the “hype man”, being able to compliment the main performer in key moments to breathe life into a performance and make it its own organism.  And undoubtedly, they themselves can also keep a crowd fixated.

The infamous Bronx, New York, is part of the mecca of hip hop. It is the epicenter of an entire culture, what Jerusalem is to modern religion.  Out of the Boogie Down Bronx came an individual who took up the sacred art of DJ’ing.  A man who goes by the name of DJ Logic.  Having been born and raised in such a large, culturally diverse place as New York, the boy grew an appreciation for many types of music. This was to be the makings of his arsenal. The ingredients of his artistic versatility. The vast spectrum of his understanding of music.  A VERY dangerous quality for a DJ to possess, and what, over time, became his calling card.  He fine-tuned his craft, and incorporated all of his tastes and influences into it.  In a DJ Logic set, hip hop is the ambassador, navigating the listener into everything from Jazz to Afro Cuban rhythm to livetronica.  It seems almost nothing is out of his comfort zone.  Fairly soft-spoken and humble, he exudes this comfort on stage.  His samples are taken from everywhere.  It is because of him that we, the audience, are organically exposed to many worlds.  He seamlessly blends genres through his use of the turntables.

This dude Logic has hands, straight up.  He’ll go back and forth between two turntables like it’s nothing.  It all appears as one fluid motion, never missing a beat.  And again, his choice of samples he’s cutting up will have purpose.  It is his expression.  It conveys HIS story.  In a scratch lesson he gave at The Academy of Urban Music in the UK, he explained how it is the sample selection that sculpts a DJ’s personal style and defines their signature sound.  Another testament to who Logic is; he is not a miser with his knowledge.  He possesses a love for the art and encourages more to pursue it, not just in his own borough of New York, but worldwide.

He earned his bones early on, performing with groups such as Living Colour and Ice T’s group, Body Count. Naturally, more and more people took notice of him, and the range of collaborations over the years is incredible.  He has performed with Joe Satriani, John Popper (with whom he made an entire album) Widespread Panic, even John Mayer.  No matter what the genre is, he finesses it.  He both supports the artist or group, and adds his respective flavor to the equation—the mark of a true musician, not simply a DJ.  But it was his brainchild, titled Project Logic, which allowed us completely into his world. A group which centered not necessarily on Logic himself, but the musical diversity which makes him.  Every musician in the group has their own preference, but also an open mind and ear to others.  This creates something dynamic and ever-changing.  A blank canvas with multiple brushes contributing to an illustration with no template.

He now has many albums under his belt, with a growing list of credits to accompany them. He is only going upward and outward with his passion.  Get familiar enough with Jason Kibler and it hits you; yes, the DJ may very well be the nucleus of the cell.

DJ Logic will be keeping very busy this summer! Here are some of his upcoming shows:

May 27th–Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn, NY

May 28th–Strange Creek Campout in Greenfield, MA

June 5th–40th Annual Summer Arts & Music Festival in Garberville, CA (along with Object Heavy)

June 9th–Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN

June 24th–Jazz Live International in Pittsburgh, PA

June 30th–The Acoustic in Bridgeport, CT

July 22nd–Calgary Folk Fest in Calgary, Canada

For more updates, follow DJ Logic at:
Twitter: @projectlogic

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