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Myster DL is the type of guy who will make you question your definition of “on the grind”. A long-time friend of Fatböl, he is a man of many talents. In fact, it is virtually impossible to title or categorize him. Rapper, producer, DJ, video director for hire, film maker, photographer, marijuana activist, are all in his portfolio. Determination and stubbornness, the true components of self-sufficiency. The bottom line is that he hustles harder and networks more than most people, period.

Yes, a man of many talents, but no matter what, there is something so classically hip hop about DL. He carries himself with a swagger clearly derived straight from the source–the classic east coast style of the golden era, and it most definitely projects onto record and film. As a rapper, he keeps current while staying true to the old school ethos. His laid-back yet deliberate delivery creates a very distinct presence. He also cares about wordplay, a tradition which seems to be lacking in most hip hop today. In totality he exercises a healthy balance of style and lyricism. Not to mention he can also produce the song’s beat and scratch on top of it if he so pleases. He has released many solo albums, a duet album with our brother Mr. Garth Culti-Vader, and has featured with a multitude of other artists over the years. Oh yeah, and if you’re on the east coast, you may have seem him perform at the Boston Freedom Rally. There’s about 60,000 attendees there, right? Yeah, no big deal!

Through his company ILL Mannered Films he built his reputation directing, shooting and editing music videos for other artists, until he ventured into full-on movie making. His most ambitious project being A Sea Of Green; overseeing most aspects of its production. Somewhat mirroring his own experiences and ideals of the marijuana culture and street mentality, it further propelled his dynamic career. It was partially shot here in Humboldt and featured a cast any real head would appreciate. To date, his production credits reach as far up as MTV, ABC and Good Morning America (again, no big deal, right?!).

Amidst his many endeavors, DL is keeping very active with his own music. His upcoming project, titled “Smoke Signals “, will be star-studded. Its first single though, is the solo joint “stILL Winning”. The title alone reinforces the fact that everything he does connects with and promotes his other work. True to his nature, the video moves through multiple cities: Compton, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Miami, Liberty City, Orlando and Lowell. This makes for some dope contrasts visually and keeps the momentum the song demands, which itself taps into the true spirit of hip hop, of course. Simply put, we all love us some BARS, and we get them in rapid succession. In the first verse he spits:

“This is new rhythm, I don’t do backpack rap/
My backpack fulla hash; hashtag fact/
Put it up, let me cash that check/
Get a half-mass flag when they snatch this vet/”

The lyrics affirm what we mentioned earlier–Myster DL does his own thing, keeps current, has put in years, and therefore has earned respect by legends. If our word isn’t enough, surely Onyx, Cypress Hill, Kool G Rap or DJ Premier will vouch for him.

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