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We had to give a shout of mad love and respect to the Fatbol Cypher General, The one and only Nac One.

Here’s what he’s been up to…

Nac started plugging in deeper into the matrix this year by Launching and releasing the long awaited first album from the Fantastik Fam called Family Heirlooms. He is releasing all the Fam music this year to signify the change in climate in the music industry, and standout in a time when the underground is getting some shine again! Hip Hop is only dead when those who practice the art stop practicing.

Since He dropped Hold the Torch people have asked him about how his fam is doing, if the kids were still making music with their Dad, since they remembered the impact they had in the local scene when they were more active! And the answer is yes, the kids are still nice Emcees even though Nac is the most active in the community. Family Heirlooms is a collection of songs going back almost 10 years to current, featuring Nac’s son Mic Anthony, Daughter MC Mystque, Uncles: Cam Wallace, Gigs One and Sargent Slawta. Next up, he is preparing to drop Famthology the second Fantastik Fam album which has some of their best material ranging from the last 5 years to current, Featuring  Professor Funk, and their song bird Moyra Low, who sings incredible hooks and verses with a silky style that really compliments the songs and flows, Most of the production was Nac One with some help from Gigs and special homie Illamental on a couple of tracks, Famthology will be available at the end of February.

And last but not least, Nac One’s long awaited solo return two years after the Hold the Torch release, comes: Nac One “The Writer”(Ultimate beats and Rhymes vol.1) a double meaning title standing for the obvious lifetime of writing graffiti and the skills of being a rhyme writer. With a landmark album ready to drop with some of Nac One’s best verses and production which he did 100 percent of the work! This album features The Fantastik Fam, Humboldt’s finest Hiway, Gigs One, Cam Wallace, Knobody (Grow Theory,Heiro Imperium), M.O.S. (Misfitz Ov Stylz) -Dopamine189, Yapos, Dub Esquire and Mel Yel. This album drops in March!!!

Nac One is also involved in the community hosting the Fatbol Cypher once a month during Arts Alive Arcata. A monthly event for the culture of Hip Hop featuring the incredible DJ M, who holds down the turntables and local emcees that show up to rock the mic to live beats reciting freestyles or written verses. This is a hub for the youth to get a chance to practice their flow in front of people and get some exposure, and learn from some pro’s on how to rock the mic. There is everything from novice to expert’s who come and represent. It’s becoming a regular place for Hip Hop to flourish, including bboys/bgirls who want to show up to dance as well. For booking Nac One go to his reverbnation page, at  He is also working with Fatbol on some graffiti designs for the Fall/Summer clothes, soon coming. Peace, Love, Unity and Havin Fun!, Nac One- Fantastik Fam Music.

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