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FATBOL asked Hiway about his Unconditional Love For Music, here is his response:

For many artists and fans alike, it is often difficult to follow the evolution of music rather than resent it. What many of us fail to realize is that there is no destruction or sabotage of art in general. What we are in fact seeing (or not seeing) is the natural curvature of art. Music is math, music is critical thinking, music is imagination, music is therapy, and in the broadest sense, it is discovery. It runs parallel to humankind itself. We forever inch forward, with many great milestones being made along the way. But in between those milestones, to an individual’s ears, yes, it can seem redundant, even stagnant. If we look at the timeline of music throughout the decades, we will notice each time period had its sound, with all its artists chipping away at something unknown to them. From the Swing music of the 1930’s and 40’s, on to Jazz and Blues, which led to the Motown sound and gave birth to Rock and Roll in the 50’s, which led to the funk and disco sounds of the 70’s, to the pop synth sounds of the 80’s, and so on. It’s not necessarily that a small handful of geniuses pushed the envelope themselves, but rather that the whole population did their part to bring it somewhere, whether they were number one in the Billboard Chart, or a cover band playing in dive bars. This is the natural, fluent and forward movement which defines music, art, and life in general. It is safe to say in relation to any genre, we will have the purists and the newcomers, and the classic clashing of the two. It is important to see the whole spectrum for the organism it is. To preserve the essence of the art form, but also to welcome the new directions, approaches, and points of view. The beginning of our universe started with the Big Bang–one large scale violent explosion which created life itself. Down to scale, such is true about purists and newcomers, and participants and observers. Paying respect is not just for recognizing predecessors, it is also for predecessors to recognize what the new school is doing and where they go with the torch, even if it is not understood.

Pay your dues. Be excited about hip hop. Be supportive. Be critical where it’s needed but be informative. Welcome change. There is and always will be something for everyone. There is always something that will cater to you, and every true artist of any style will always have their appreciative audience. It is such a vast and vibrant world, we just need to be perceptive to it.
Regardless of all the noise, Fatböl appreciates you all.

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