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The man, the legend –  Chali 2na, aka The Verbal Herman Munster, has enjoyed a quite illustrious career.  Moving from Chicago to Los Angeles, he established himself as a very serious artist early on.  He joined Ozomatli, an amazing and ethnically diverse group which blended many genres, with Chali being the sole MC.  He also formed the hip hop group Jurassic 5, which achieved widespread success, including videos on MTV and being featured in major motion pictures.  But in addition to being an incredible rap artist, Mr. 2na is also an amazing painter and photographer.  All three of which, lately, has taken him all around the world.

Having just wrapped up his European tour (along with The Funk Hunters) in Zurich, Germany on the 6th, and then a two-show stint in Australia, he is wasting little time.  After a relatively quick breather he will be back at it on March 10th in Long Beach @ The Federal Underground, and March 12th @ San Diego at Music Box. This man is all over the place! His latest EP, “Bloodshot Fisheye”,  is the third in a series and is available now.

Fatbol Clothing is proud sponsor of Chali’s music, as well as his visual artistry. #ArtistsSupportingArtists

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