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The Unpredictable Individual. The Original Dankster. The Keeper Of The Garden. All aliases of the enigma that is Mr. Garth Culti-Vader.  He has been a staple in the Humboldt music scene since the late 90’s, and is a pioneer in the Humboldt Hip Hop community in particular. This is significant to Fatbol in that the company’s founder, B Swizlo, is also a pioneering musician/producer who helped create the first Live Hip Hop group in the area, The Humboldt County Freestyle Kings. Garth became the first sponsored artist, developing the “Fatbol Artist Series” with the “I Love You Mary Jane” design based on his song of the same title. He has been gracefully consistent with releasing music up to present day. After The Humboldt County Freestyle Kings, he pursued a solo career. He has collaborated with many legendary artists, such as Tech N9ne, Sadat X (of Brand Nubian), Sonny Seeza (of Onyx), and Spice 1. Long-time affiliate of Potluck, and member of the collective Dank Alumni, this man has risen to an almost mythical level, appearing after every harvest season, quite often bearing gifts in the form of music.

This year he delivers his newest creation titled “Digital Dabs”, released February 15th. You can certainly expect the vivid details of the ever-evolving weed game which he is known for, but never rule out the possibility of some surprise subject matter. With guest features from Mistah F.A.B, Michael Marshall, Hiway, Kush, J Hornay and Mendo Dope, it is now available on all major online carriers, and is guaranteed HOT. Check our dude out at:

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